About me

So, who are you anyway ?

Well, I am Michael (or “mika” but it doesn’t sound so good in english) and I am a french dude, pretty much half way between 20 and 30 and I guess I like travelling and experiencing new stuff.

I made this website which has been made after the french original version (www.thaipacker.fr), so please be kind if you notice mistakes or weird sentences :-)

Formerly developer working for a company, I decided to leave the stressing offices to actually live.

My need to re-establish life ground bases dragged me to southeast Asia which was a fantastic experience, and ever since I got back from there I’m just living and going my way as I wish (at least I’m trying), somehow guided by encounters and opportunities without asking myself “too many” questions. There goes the life.

And I though it’d be cool to have something concrete to depict this journey. A good mixture of altruism and future nostalgia to come.

So I went back to my good ol’ computers and eventually gave birth to that website whose content redaction, I got to say, gave my a good time.

Anyway, my freedom is priceless.

Things I like
  • Travelling
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Creating things (especially with a computer)
  • Playing guitar (used to actually, it has gotten more complicated now)
  • V8 engines
  • English language
  • The combination of all above items at once
Things I don’t like
  • Routine