ThaiPacker, kind of a combination between “Thailand” and “BackPacker” is a project that was born after my three and a half months journey in southeast Asia.

You can find here a different point of view from any regular touristic guide, on a “bit off” personal note.

The feedback that I’m sharing on ThaiPacker is a combination of articles, useful tips, advices, personal stories, and anecdotes focusing on the important details.

Everyone can enjoy this website, and not only the travellers to Thailand but, there will be an additionnal interest for the backpackers (one weird category of travellers, often stinking, and carrying one hell of a giant-sized backpack because they are extreme adventurers who are afraid of nothing, except from Chuck Norris).

Actually, before my departure I was asking myself a whole lot of questions about precise details because I don’t like non-approximate things, I like sharp. But out of all the websites and blogs and guides I could find and read, I couldn’t really find what I was looking for and it looked like everyone was sharing the same “basic” information. That’s why I’m giving you MY version, MY feedback, and hopefully I can answer the questions you didn’t find the answers elsewhere.

And even though it true that it’s comforting to have all of our questions answered before leaving, it is also good not to ask too many and find out by ourselves how it’s gonna happen!

Throughout my website, you will find different kind of articles, sorted by themes. Some kind of detailed “report” that comes with examples to picture it and that goes as far as possible in the very detail, because remember, I like sharp things :-)

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