In what state of mind ?

In general, where we’re going somewhere, we have a pretty good idea of what state of mind we’re going to adopt. For instance, we can say we’re going to party all over the place or the opposite, and say we’re going to rest in some more quiet and remote places.

My state of mind was to go to the unknown, to meet a completely different culture and to not really plan anything in advance. I just had a rough idea of what way I would follow. The big lines. As for the rest, I would figure it out when I get there, and depending on encounters and discoveries.


I really needed to take a break, free my mind and satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to leave alone, without being annoyed by any kind of entity and I’d meet people on my way anyway.

It doesn’t matter either if I’m going to dig a “hole” in my resume, we’re just pawns in this gigantic game board which is earth after all, so why not doing something that we really want to do, and when we want to do it. Making a beautiful carreer is getting “old-fashioned”.

So basically, the idea was to leave alone, with a light weighted backpack to its most, without planning or booking anything in advance, and allowing myself to really enjoy at the same time, spending the less money that I could. Oh, I forgot, and doing some scuba-diving :-)

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