My route

Defining a route is not the simplest task. Indeed, when we don’t know the place you’re going to, how can we find out about the most intersting places to see ?

The first thing to consider is the length of the maximum allowed stay for each country, depending on visas or not, so that you can figure out how many days you can stay in each country, and hence adapt your route so that you can see or do what you want to within a reasonnable amount of time.
That being said, it is also possible to do “visa-runs” but we’ll see that later on. This idea is basically to gather your points of interest all together and try to find the shortest route to see them all.

For me, the idea to do a loop heading up north and then going back south through Laos and Cambodia was totally appropriate. I mainly wanted to see of lot of Thailand though, so I would spend less time in Laos and Cambodia in proportion.

The first draft

I thought I’d go approximately this way :

  1. Thailand from Bangkok heading up north – 1 month
  2. Laos – 15 days
  3. Cambodia – 15 days
  4. Thailande again (islands and beaches) – 1 month

I even drawn a couple of routes to which I could approximately follow. There they are:


Nothing specific, just a guide line I would modulalte depending on what would happen there. Coming back to Thailand by plane was for me mandatory in order to get a new visa exemption of 30 days, because it’s only 15 days when you cross the border from the lands.

The way I really followed

So I ended up following pretty much what I first imagined, and there is the route I really followed :

  1. Thailand – 26 days
  2. Laos – 14 days
  3. Cambodia – 21 days
  4. Thailand again (islands and beaches) – 46 days with one visa-run to Myanmar

And this is the schematized version, stops sorted chronologically (you can click each stop) :


Well, I guess I’m done with me, we can now chack what’s going on in my Traveller guide.

Click to see the traveller guide

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