The Genesis

Going somewhere across the globe is really nice but before this become concrete, the idea has to cross your mind somehow.

In my mind, things happened as follow :

When I figured I didn’t want to perpetuate my “stuck in an office” job, I moved back home and afterwards, I searched for a while what to do because I absolutely didn’t want to stay where I was, I just fell like it. Then, after a little while, I realized that my situation was meaningless and I had to do something to go around this as I couldn’t figure out what to do for living. I just needed to give my life an actual meaning, one way or another.

This is it!


And one day, some kind of revelation popped into my mind.  “I need to go to Thailand”. Just like that.
I finally got the answer to my nagging question and I knew it was the good answer. In a big load of motivation, I started acting in order to make that happen, and this was a good leitmotiv to make myself hold on a few while more before taking off.

I then started to sneak around in travel forums, gathered all the basic useful information I could find and everything seemed like the perfect match for me. A couple of a days later, I fell by complete random on a TV show picturing Bangkok. I couldn’t be more comforted in my decision.

All I had to do now was to decide on which date range to travel, in order to buy my tickets as quick as possible knowing that I wanted to leave some two months later. And this was not easy because I needed the exact dates, hence defining the length of my journey. After countless flight searches on price comparators and dates figuring out, I finally let myself hammer blow into my little porcelain pink pig’s face.

There was born my journey to Thailande, Laos, and Cambodia.

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