KTV, or why you won’t be able to listen to your own music in the bus

What is the mystery behind this title ?

The VIP buses are supposed to be the most comfortable after all, right ? Well, they are. Actually they are also very special, they seem to come right out the show “pimp my ride”. Well, here it would rather be “pimp my bus” and there are no buses that are look alike. The more excentric, the more “in” you are. It is like that in Asia, you have to show off to get some social value.

Pimp my Bus, Pakse, Laos

Pimp my Bus, Pakse, Laos

Anyway, the KTV, acronym for Karoke TeleVision is almost a national sport. People like to gather in some “KTV” place on a friday night. It’s like you are going to a bar with some friends, except you are singing all night.

It has become so popular that the phenomena has basically spread to the buses. In almost every bus you can find a TV on which many local songs are aired in a “karaoke” way. The main theme of the songs, and probably the only one is romance. But don’t worry, normally the people inside the bus do not sing aloud.

Love stories, and broken hearts are THE major topics of over 90% of the Asian musical genre. The video clips are always coming with subtitles and are dynamically highlighted like a karaoke.

Sometimes, these songs take the appearance of a commercial. The local businesses such as telecom companies use this as way to promote their brand : love stories between teenagers that eventually break up, miss each other, are getting sad over it and so on. We are close to a “songified soap”.

Well, let’s come back to the main topic. The songs that air in the buses generally have a sufficient enough volume that would keep the sickest narcoleptic from sleeping. If your plan was to listen to your own music during the ride, this could be a little compromised. ¬†Indeed, if you want to cover up the ambient noise that comes out of the many speakers spread out all over the bus’s length, you will have to turn up the volume and end up deaf.

Below, one “typical” song for the example


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