The Asian style toilets

Let’s talk culture, we are going to talk about something that you’re probably using every day unless you are suffering constipation, which is less likely here because it tends to be the other way around, more like a diarrhea. When intestinal issues start showing up, it is usually a good holiday tummy, and you could suddenly be interested in those asian style toilets.

What is so special about these toilets ?

Well, it is basically the same thing than ours, except that they don’t use toilet paper here. Dirty ? not really, it is even the opposite as a matter of fact, and for one simple reason :
The toilets always come with what look like a mini kärcher. In the facts, there is a flexible pipe coming out of the wall and there is also some kind of pistol that sends water under pressure as you pull the trigger. No need to picture this  but clearly this little device has no major role in the Songkran celebration and has a very specific use.

They are not like Japanese toilets though.

Asian style toilet with water jet

Asian style toilet with water jet

Another kind of toilets coexists with the first one. It is the one without flushing system. In that  case, you have to manually throw water down the toilets and many time if you want to give it a good flush. There should be some kind of plastic pot next to the toilet and with that, you just take the water out of a bigger container. Container prior filled thanks to a little tap above it :-)

Where the hell is the toilet paper gone ?

The truth is that there is toilet paper in those countries, but they just don’t use it to wipe their asses. You can normally find it on the tables in the restaurants and it is used as napkins AND tissues, especially tissues. You will use toilet paper a lot to sneeze because of too much heat in your plate fulfilled of happy chili ;-)

Now you know why the kärcher thing is quiet useful in case of bad diarrhea, and why the local people do not use paper. You get dry pretty quickly with the ambient heat anyway!

One last thing, it is not completely useless to have his own toilet paper roll though (you can easily get one in convenience stores or get it for “free” in the accomodation of over 250 bahts).

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