The massages and the traditional Thai massage

Hello! Massage ?

That is a sentence that you are very likely to hear quiet often, and, how to picture Thailand without mentioning the massages that are obviously a part of the local cultural landscape ?

Going to Thailand without getting a massage is like going to a McDonald’s and ordering a salad. It sounds wrong.

The different types of massages

If you are a stressed kind of person, do not worry at all because the range of massages usually proposed can handle all the parts of your body, from bottom to top.

The most common are :

  • The Thai traditional massage (with no oil)
  • The oil massage
  • The face massage
  • The back and shoulders massage
  • The foot massage (that goes up to the knees)
  • The “special” massage (which is not an actual massage, but close to it.. and it’s not unlikely that you are getting asked this, depending on the places your are)

A few words about Thai massage

"Final part" of a Thai massage

“Final part” of a Thai massage

The Thai massage is some sort of integral massage, it is quiet energetic. Do not believe you are going to sleep for one hour because sometimes, your attention will be required, and some people can actually feel this massage as effort demanding. something like that.

Each part of your body is going to be kneaded, and you will have to flip over a couple of times. There is even a good chance that you are literately going to be trampled, but this is part of the chilling. Don’t worry though, the masseuses shouldn’t be too large and your back will remain safe.

Anyway, this particular massage generally ends like this : the massage girl make you put your hands behind your neck, then she puts her arms through the holes that your arms make. And after that, your back is put through two strong rotations, on the left and the right. At this moment, you can actually hear and feel every single vertebra of your back cracking, one after another and in a fraction of a second. It is not so unpleasant, but be careful if your back is fragile. In that case, you should refuse this.

Where to get a massage ?

Pretty much everywhere in Thailand, or Laos, or Cambodia. Every touristic place has massage salons, and the masseuses won’t miss an opportunity to remind you that you are a bit tensed as you walk passed them ;-)

And if you are going to the beach and you are lying on the sand, the masseuses will come to you and ask for a small chilling out time. Well, after you have swum 10 feet, you get tired and have a reasonable excuse to give in to a massage.

Masseuse searching customers, Sihanoukville, Cambodge

Masseuse searching customers, Sihanoukville, Cambodge

An original place to get massaged

If you make a stop in Chiang Mai, then you should get a massage by the prisoners from the women’s correctional institution. I, sadly didn’t get the chance to get a massage here because they were full and closed the next day for some renovation, but a Thai man I chatted with in the street assured me they were giving the best massages in town!
Some way for them to reintegrate the society, so they’d better give it all.

How much for a massage ?

The price of a massage here is absolutely derisory in comparison with developed countries.

In our land, it costs something like $60+ for one hour
Here, the price is divided by 10! Basically you can get a massage for the price of a sandwich

The average price is around 200 bahts for one hour, or $6.

The longer or more specific massages are a bit more expensive but yet remain totally affordable.

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