My friend Prik Kee Noo

Prik kee noo, litteraly meaning “mouse shit” in Thaï in not actually a mouse shit. It has just been named like this because of its shape.

We are talking about the hot thai chili and you won’t miss it despite its small dimensions from about 10 to 40mm.

Its hotness  range is from 50,000 to 100,000 Scoville units. So let me tell you that it pretty hot and it will rock your mouth off. It is even hotter than Tabasco chili.

Anyways, to make it simple, it is used pretty much everywhere in the local cuisine, even in some deserts.

There is a large variety of shapes, colors, and forms for this chili : greens, reds, and even orange or yellow. It can be eaten fresh or dry under its powdery form : the ground chili. It can also be completely crushed and incorporated into the curry pastes.

Although it is possible to ask for a non or low spicy dish if you really cannot handle it, the best thing to do remains to get used to it and actually like it. And if you are the kind of person that always spice dishes up, you will not be disappointed, believe me. Get your mouth ready for that :)

Eventually, you actually appreciate to eat spicy, and you even surprise yourself by adding more and more hotness into your dishes. You kinda get used to it somehow and start unconsciously some “climbing race” on the hotness scale to see how much you can handle. Challenge accepted!

Here is a tip on how to find your personal boundaries : when you start blowing your nose a little bit, you are just a bit under your limit. As soon as you unroll more and more of the toilet paper on the table and start crying like a baby, you just found your limit. Bravo.

One more thing, you will actually feel good after eating chili. This burning sensation due to the chili triggers the release of endorphins in your body and make the person feel good, not really high but some kind. You could even become dependent to that thing!

Even now, I eat a lot of chili and I cannot imagine not eating chili anymore, I really like that now :)

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