The local beers : Thailand, Laos, Cambodia

We cannot say that southeast Asia has devoted its culture into beer crafting. There is not so much choice between the brands, but these beer aren’t so bad either, and they can help enjoying a beautiful sunset or a good meal on a malt flavor.

The beers from Thailand

  • Chang : Chang, Tintin’s friend is actually the most popular beer in the country, and is available in different versions (there is a light version for example)
    The classic Chang of 640 ml has 6.4% alcohol, and is sold about 44 bahts in stores, and from 60 to 80 bahts in the restaurants.
  • Singha : The second most popular beer, and historically the first.
  • Leo : Probably the less tasty out of the three brands

The beer from Laos

In Laos, there is not so many competitors but Beerlao. This is the ONE brand that you will see everywhere, even in the landscape. They are very proud of their own national brand and they are right because this is one of the best brands out there. There is pretty much a Beerlao sign on top of all restaurants and guesthouses, probably some kind of sponsorship. Well, it’s a bit exaggerated but you will see a lot of yellow signs though.

It is available in different versions :

  • Beerlao Lager at 5%
    Price: 10000 kips for a 640 ml bottle
  • Beerlao Dark at 6.5%
    Tarif : 8000 kips for a 33cl bottle
  • Beerlao Gold at 5%
    Tarif : 10000 to 12000 kips for a 640 ml bottle

The beers from Cambodia

The first Cambodian beer has been named after the biggest touristic attraction of the country : Angkor Wat.

The second one, “Anchor”, is kind of a “sea” variation of the first one. I can imagine such a name has been pulled up because it sounds the same than “Angkor”. I mean… come on. why would you give your beer an actual anchor as the emblem to promote it ? Seriously…

As for the third one, let’s not look too further. How about “Cambodia beer” ? Well, at least it is not complicated to keep in mind. But when you think about it, it is not so bad after all, you have to remember that it is a very poor country and it is also a way for them to say “I’m here”, so there is no reason to blame them for doing that. And it is a good thing.

  • Angkor beer
  • Anchor beer
  • Cambodia Lager

Le price of a beer in Cambodia is usually around $0.5 abd $0.75for a draught beer, or about $1 a bottle 1$.

I think they taste a little bit less good than beers in Laos or Thailand, they’re not bad, but a bit bland and with no personnality

My Top 3

My three favorite beers are :

  1. Beerlao
  2. Chang
  3. Singha

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