Travel budget : cost of a 3 and half months journey in southeast Asia

Being curious of what I would spend over time, I recorded the track of ALL of my expenses, sorted by categories. This allowed me to keep an eye on my budget and to have a full report of all my fees. Sometimes I could also notice a few differences in my balance. Either I was losing money somehow, or I was given bad change in return, or I forgot to record some transactions.

Thank to my smartphone, and the the application Expense Manager (on Android), every time I would make an expense or a withdrawal, I would just open the app and record the transaction under a certain category, with a brief description, and for a specific currency. Just a habit to take, it just requires a couple of seconds every time.

The other advantage is I could associate past event to such or such date or place. And even now, I know exactly how many days I spent and this city or that place, and with whom. It provides a good chronologic summary of the journey.

Overall data

“Thailand 1 & 2″ are sub-parts of “Thailand”
The following table shows the number of spent days in every country and with the average daily food and accomodation cost.


Expenses in Thailand (72 days)

As I’ve been two times in Thailand (at the beginning and the end), I made separated charts.





A noter qu’en Thaïlande, mon coût moyen journalier de l’hébergement dans la 2ème partie est plus élevé. Après plus de deux mois d’auberges “cheap”, on se fait un peu plus plaisir sur la fin, sans parler que les hébergements sont plus chers dans le sud de la Thaïlande.

We can notice that in Thailand, my average daily cost for accommodations in the second part rose. After over 2 months of cheap guesthouses, you eventually want some more comfort. Not to mention that the price of the accommodations are more expensive in the south (islands and beaches)

Expenses in Laos (14 days)

In Laos, I spent more money on food (in average) than Thailand and Cambodia, whereas I spent less on accommodations. But I shared rooms with people half of the time.

The transit budget is also way bigger than the other countries!



Expenses in Cambodia (21 days)

The biggest expense in Cambodia is without a doubt the ticket for visiting Angkor Wat : I spend $40 for 3 days, which is extremely expensive if you consider the cost of life. To these $40, you may also add an extra $15 a day for renting the services of a personal tuk tuk, because don’t even think doing that by walking… maybe with a bike but still, with the ambient heat and the all day walking around, it is the best way to do with a tuk tuk.



Overall expenses, for all countries




Train and Plane expenses


Total expenses, everything included


In total, I spent $4960.48 (3815,75€) FOR EVERYTHING from the moment I left home until I returned home.
Actually I spent an extra $300 because of a bad thing that happened to my DSLR, I decided to buy a small camera to bring back some memories…

In order to sharpen the accuracy, you have to know that A had very simple way of living, I wasn’t looking for fancy.

  • Most of the time, I was staying at cheap guesthouses for$4 to $6
  • When I was sharing a room with someone, we would often get a higher room-range without paying more per person
  • I was eating mainly in the local market and cheap street restaurants (for $1.5 to $2.5 per meal in average)
  • I wasn’t doing $20 activities everyday, but just once in a while
  • I prefered walking rather than taking a tuk tuk if I could do so

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