How to backup photos with a smartphone while traveling ?

If like me, you absolutely don’t want to lose your precious photos because we never what may happen. Well, the safer option is to send them on a remote storage server (in the cloud).
So, if anything would happen to either your camera, or memory  card, or hard drive, or all at the same time, you know that you have a backup somewhere that you are not carrying with you.

The stuff you need

  • A smartphone or tablet with a SD Card reader
  • A micro SD card with an adaptor that fits your camera slot (SD slot most of the time)
    Be careful though, you may want to use a quality card, with good writing rates that can handle well your camera’s performances, otherwise your camera will write the pictures on the card slowly or you won’t be able to record full HD footages for examples. A Class 10 card is a good compromise.
  • A WiFi connection

Where to store my photos ?

In order to be able to store your pictures “in the cloud”, you need to have one ore several online storage spaces, and with sufficient free space.
In addition, you service provider has to have a smartphone application.

The most popular are :

How to do ?

  1. Take pictures with your camera using the micro SD card and the adapter that fits your camera
  2. Take off the micro SD car from the adapter when you want to transfer your photos
  3. Insert the micro SD card into the micro SD slot of your smartphone or tablet
  4. Make sure you have a good WiFi connection
  5. Use the smartphone application accordingly to which service provider you are using, and send your pictures “in the cloud” (this may take a while)
  6. Put back the micro SD card into the adapter, and the adapter into the camera and you are ready to take new photos

What is the best time to backup photos ?

Backuping photos on a remote platform takes quiet a lot of time. The more your camera has got “Megapixels” and the more your pictures will be heavy, hence take long time to send.

The best time is to send pictures in the cloud at night, before you go to sleep and if you get a decent WiFi signal from the room.
Keep your device plugged while processing so that it doesn’t turn off.

The reality

All this seem pretty simple, but most of the time the WiFi is pretty crappy, or the signal is too weak from the room.
Not to mention the unwanted breaks of internet connection that put the process down. Depending on which application you are using, the uploading process won’t restart by itself.
Last, it can get annoying to do this “chore” if we have a lot of pictures, so at least backup the ones you care most about.

Do not hesitate to ask for visiting several rooms and check the WiFi signal before to check in

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