Overview of electric plugs in Thailand and southeast Asia

The electric plus in southeast Asia have the particularity to fit American standards as well as European’s, in 99% of the cases and in one single plug.

"2 in 1" plug from Asia

“2 in 1″ plug from Asia

Not so practical though

The second particularity of theses plugs, and this is more frenquently the case ig “cheap” guesthouses, is that the plugs are loose from the inside, sometimes just bit but sometimes it feels like there is nothing but air inside the plug. And it is clearly super annoying to try to find the right position of its adapter for three hours hoping to get an electrical contact, hence charging a device. So you may want to double check that you get the power properly when you plug something.

But I think this particular problem has less impact on the US system.

To go around this, I found that solution to insert half a toothpick along with the plug (take note not try with something metallic, otherwise  would not be responsible if anything bad would happen)

Another option is to make some kind of DIY holding-tight system that maintains a sufficient strength so that you get a good the electric contact, like this :

Stringed DIY plug

Stringed DIY plug

One more problem you may go into, and this time this is not the plug itself but its location. It is not rare to have just one plug in the room, and this plug could be located next to the door across from your bed, or at a location clearly not imagined by an ergonomist.
Not really practical if you want to settle on your bed and load your phone at the same time. Or you cannot read the time in the middle of the night unless you go across the room if your device is charging overnight, etc etc.

I also sometimes could use an extension cord, but it is not absolutely necessary either, so let’s not carry too much weight.

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