Where the hell are the bins in southeast Asia ?

I remember more than once having a bunch of garbage to carry around because I couldn’t manage to find a bin anywhere. It is actually challenging to find one.
And it is a real paradox because even in a giant city like Bangkok, you never know where to throw your trash.

In Laos and Cambodia, the public bin remained a big mystery for me, and for quiet a long time, until this day where I’ve been taught what these big rubber pots were actually for… they were the garbage bins I’ve been looking for all along -_-’

Garbage bin, Kampot, Cambodia

Garbage bin, Kampot, Cambodia

A good place to throw your wastes (and pile up new ones at the same time)

In the cities of Thailand, the only place you’re pretty much certain to find a garbage bin is in front of a 7-eleven. I don’t know if they do that on purpose but it got me wondering, and somehow that’d be smart. When you’re finished with your soda can, you throw it and… oh guess what ? you just need to go through the ringing door to buy a new one right away.
But you really need to know about this because it is sad to notice that the local people don’t really give a damn about recycling and stuff like this, so don’t even bother mentioning Greenpeace or whatever, you would waste your time.
They careless throw anywhere absolutely everything they need to get rid of : in the streets, on the roads or in the sea (you can actually find loads of trash at the back of the beaches in desert islands).

Unfortunately, there is a huge quantity of plastics bags. When go into shops, or in the local markets, you will always be given plastic bags by dozens. It creates a considerable pollution and once again, I don’t think they care much about recycling.

Frontage of a 7-eleven

Frontage of a 7-eleven

Anyway, another good way to throw your trashes when you buy food at the street vendors’ is to give back your trash to the vendors, they will normally take them back with a smile.

Otherwise, consider always having a plastic bag on you so you can throw your waste as needed without caring about finding any kind of bin. And when you do find a bin, you can then throw your bag with all your trash that you’ve been “collecting”.

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