Evolution of the personal state of mind over time while traveling

If you’re planning on traveling for quiet a long time, it is important to be aware that at at some point, you are going to have to slow down the pace. If you realize that before, you can hence anticipate which points of interest you will want to visit first or last and in what direction go first or last.

The decrease of the personal dynamics over time

In general, the enthusiasm from the beginning eventually turns it a need to slow down as the time passes. Indeed, on the first days, we have a great state of mind, we are super excited to discover a whole lot of things, and we want to see more and more, but you may want to take your time though. Clearly, the pace can be heavy.

During the first 15 days of my adventure, I would move from one place to another every two days in average. Not that I was competing, but I saw what I wanted to see and I didn’t want to waste my time either.

And over time, we’re getting more and more tired to do his bag over and over again, so we’re starting to settle for three, four, five, or even a week and we meet people, and sometimes you want to stay more with them because you have a good feeling.

It is better to take the time and fully enjoy less places than always running to see a maximum of things.

The immersion in the length

Eventually, I spent the last part of my journey staying in a place for over month! This place was pretty chilled out and quiet central. I visited all the surroundings by motorbike, I did scuba diving one hour away, and so on. Most important, I was completely immersed into the local culture, I started to develop new habits and the place was getting familiar. It was like I was actually settled down there. I had my motorbike, and I was feeling free in this quiet place and not so much touristic.
For example, I would get several times my skewered chicken with stick rice and fried shallots at this vendor’s. Every time she recognized with this big smile. It was so nice.

How to discover unusual stuff by taking some time

How to discover unusual stuff by taking some time

Well, it depends of course on what kind of journey you want to do, but I think it is really important to settle somewhere, in some place you’re feeling good and not just go to the tourist spots.

The first “mistake” that I did was to leave too early from Pai in Thailand because I was hoping to see better somehow. When I think back to it, I should have stayed longer, because there was such a nice and relaxing atmosphere and the owners from where I was staying were so adorable.

If I can give you this little piece of advice, it is better to plan your route by stepping first in the tourist spots if you absolutely want to see specific things, and then, finish the journey in a some more quiet place to chill, once you’ve got used a little bit with the country.

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